Nick Powell – Welcome to Manchester United

25 thoughts on “Nick Powell – Welcome to Manchester United

  1. Ok 1st of all FACT 1. Chelsea have been playing really well so far. City robbed the title of you last season, and most probably this season if you even finish in the top 5. ManU HAD decent players, now RvP carries your shitty team, and with your fucking manager threatning to sell Rooney if he keeps his bad attitude the future is looking dull for you and the 95% of plastic fans you “support” the club. Fulham on the other hand are improving A LOT! so umm… yeah thats pretty much it. FFC!! COYW!!

  2. fuck off u little piece of shit.. if you think scholes and giggs are shit, you know nothing about football… “make way for city and chelsea” your probably a chelsea fan that supports city now just because they won the league last season! oh and who just beat shitty fulham 3-2? haha rodallega stepped on rooney and he took it like a man! now please fuck off and go back and live in your cardboard box in fulham you stupid cunt.

  3. goodbye powell…
    and now goodbye ashley westwood 🙁
    the premier league are taking our players!

  4. You now Irish teams suck you plastic fan, and 3-2? thats true but remind me who scored in the 2nd Minute?? and i was at that game… you just watched the highlights on Match Of The Day. And without Dempsey we won 5-0, then lost 3-2… last season you beat us 5-0, that means you are getting SHIT! and we are getting soo much better with the likes of Petric, Ruiz and Rodallega. so go back to watching ManU’s highlights come back to me when you’ve been to a fucking game LOL! FFC!

  5. who gives a fuck if im from ireland? there is nothing i love more than manchester united. i started supporting man utd when i was a kid, seeing legends like becham, solksjaer, giggs etc. i fell in love with united because they are just amazing. mufc have so many fans because of the great legends we have had! your simply just jealous mate. i will be a united for the rest of my life no matter what. oh ye hard luck saturday 3-2 !! haha now i hear dembele is gone now yous are trulely fucked.

  6. We were winning before Webb was a ref. What did you say then?.. Assuming you were old enough to follow football.

  7. Since we’re giving lessons on youtube!! Here is what you should have wrote

    A capital T should be used when beginning a sentence. You should also put a comma in between the words “Internet” and “Just” (Which is in fact wrong.. both ways are just fine) Apart from that, good effort.

    This is how you try to insult someone on the internet?? hahaha How fucking sad are you mate?

  8. Who is the best in the world in their own country? What the fuck are you talking about?? Dempsey had one great season. You called Rooney old? what is dempsey then? And now he’s fucking off anyway.. But i read your comments there. Giggs has more appearences for united than anyone. Of course he’s a legend of the sport. He’s the most decorated player in league. Just because you hate a team doesn’t make them a bad one kid. Grow up!! good result today by the way 🙂 i had to throw it in there. haha

  9. Ok i wasnt gonna reply but… WOOW! your from Ireland… Im closer to Manchester than you, so you have just highlighted my point most of your scummy teams ‘fans’ are PLASTIC! LOOL. You got beat by Everton Monday, lets see how today turns out shall we? im not expecting a win but hey after the poor performance Monday and us winning 5-0 on our opening game… anything can happen.

  10. oh lord you said giggs isnt a ledgend? he probably has more premier league medals than fulham !! hahaha everyone makes mistakes you fool, bet you did far bad things in your life. god you have some chip on your shoulder for hating on united so much. is it because were so succesful, is it because we rape your team most of the time, is it because we have the greatest manager of all time? is it because we have 1000 times better history then fulham?

  11. oh yeah dempsey is such a ledgend is he? is that why he wants to go to liverpool and refusing to play with fulham, jesus what a great ledgend. why are you on a united video giving it loads to simply the greatest football club on the planet. Are simply just jealous of everything united do? i bet you wish the mighty ‘fulham’ were like man utd. oh yeah is every united fan a glory hunter, oh yes we won do much last season didn’t we? the 6-1, the trophiless season and yet we still love united!

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