Newcastle United 3-0 Manchester United (Wednesday 4th January 2012) [HD]

25 thoughts on “Newcastle United 3-0 Manchester United (Wednesday 4th January 2012) [HD]

  1. btw you mention man utd’s flaws in your 3-0 defeat to us. what is worth noting is the growing trend that is danny simpson regularly clearing off the line. Okay he failed on NYD but he succeeded in the 3-0 games and he is generally amazing at it.

  2. great commentary chap, okay I am a toon fan but the lead up is great, totally what I like in football. Also thank you for being humble towards our club not only prior to the game but post it as well. Plus the whole Sports Direct thing! nice one..

  3. I’m man utd fan Newcastle play so good! I’m so happy they deserve it but lindegaard did very well he will be number 1 hehe.

  4. lmao “giggs at 38 beats several newcastle players and passes to michael jackson..oh sorry it was nanni” lmfao

  5. Spot on! Was at the game and i thought Giggs was your best player. I also thought Rooney was as bad as i have seen him in the times he has came to St. James’

  6. We should have signed Wesley Sneijder! i hear he is still likely to join us,but surely when Scholes retired Fergie realised our midfield was missing a passing kingpin.I like Cleverly but if he was to get injured (course he did) we were always gonna struggle for invention.Great to see Scholesy back but he’s not a full 90mins guy every week anymore.Sneijder is a great passer & the obvious replacent.I think our strikers need culling Berba,Owen get rid & replace also whats happening with Chicharito?

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