New England Revolution Vs Manchester United 1-4 – All Goals & Match Highlights – July 13 2011 – [HQ]

24 thoughts on “New England Revolution Vs Manchester United 1-4 – All Goals & Match Highlights – July 13 2011 – [HQ]

  1. apparently “they’ve done a wonderful job scouting and researching Michael Owen in the box…”

  2. it is so true that american people cant commentate like the british commentator. Living in united states ive noticed that american are boring to listen as british commentator are exciting and fun to listen.

  3. sorry I meant the ball if on the ground when he makes contact with it, not that it goes along then ground if that’s maybe what you thought I meant. Whereas I always considered a lob to be when the ball if off the ground when you make contact and lob it even higher.

  4. Soccer is a girl game , mostly everyone in europe plays it because they cant do nothing else but cry on the floor when they get hit.

    No wounder America doesnt count soccer as a sport because there are to many girls running around trying to get a goal.

    American Soccer sucks because the real PRO’S are playing real sport like Basketball and Baseball , not some silly little girl game called Soccer.

  5. 2008 CL semi final UNITED 1-0 barcelona United european champions didn’t notice that did you faggot? hahaha your b players? your whole first team played besides messi and xavi you twat without them YOUR NOTHING you a fan? no your just a little glory hunting faggot just like every “supposed barcelona fan” go back to 2003 you didn’t even know who they were don’t start what you can’t finish bitch

  6. From the last 3 times Barca have faced United, they’ve been 2 UCL finals, and 1 friendly…you guys can have the friendly LMAO against nearly all our Barca B players bar a few, and we’ll take the 2 Chamipions League finals 😀 does that seem like a fair deal to you? jealous fan of Barca No. 7852768926345?

  7. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1 :9)

  8. ok but its MLS, it was founded in 1993, of course manchester united is gonna tear them apart, Man Utd’s been around since 1878.

  9. hahahah fuck offf faggot 2-1 2-1 2-1 2-1 WHAT HAPPENED BITCH??? hahahahah fuck do they teach them how to dive in their youth academies too??? hahahah because they’re the best ACTORS in world football you pussy. don’t forget if Van Persie wasn’t ridiculously sent off BARCELONA WERE GOING OUT OF THE CL and with Madrid would have don’t try you dumbfuck I know more about football than you ever will and yesterday’s score shut your mouth barcelona = nothing without messi

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