NBA Best Buzzer Beaters Of 2011- 2012 Season HD

25 thoughts on “NBA Best Buzzer Beaters Of 2011- 2012 Season HD

  1. i know this isn’t nba and i think the olympics was after this video but anyone see the australian womens half court throw at full time to tie it up and go into overtime

  2. ya ok cool. im just saying i dont give 2 fucks about something that didnt win the game. game winners are wayyyyy more exciting

  3. they werent buzzer beaters.. the buzzer has to go off for it to be a buzzer beater.. not a game winner like the ones you mentioned. but check the video “clutch shots”..

  4. These are buzzer beaters… Not game winners.

    The title is self-explanatory.

    A game winner could be a buzzer beater. But not all buzzer beaters are game winners.

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