NBA All Clutch Shots Of 2011- 2012 Season HD

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  1. You do realise clutch can be on the defensive side as well. So people like Ibaka and KG are clutch on that side of the spectrum as well.

  2. Do you realize Kobe approx hit the same amount of clutch shots 2 or 3 years ago in a single season than LBJ has in his enitre career? Thats what i think is clutch (DUH), not LBJ. You know who else is a crazy clutch player? Durant. But obviously LBJ beat the Thunder so clutch isnt everything. BUT people get all offended when someone points out a LBJ weakness…..just admit he isnt clutch (he doesnt need the “clutch gene” anyway)

  3. well you look at kobe…him and russell westbrook are the biggest nba nuts in the history. they need to pass the ball. the fact that kobe is constantly criticized for always having the ball, is just an understatement. and the reason lebron doesnt usually take the last shot is because hes always recognized as the star player and he likes to get his players involved, unlike kobe who constantly needs to have the ball in his hand. besides they only call him unclutch cuz he was on the cavs.

  4. @Bal60 Making last second shots isn’t the only thing that makes you clutch, and this video didn’t include the playoffs

  5. No one is saying he’s not a great player. Being a MVP, having tripple doubles, a championship etc does not mean youre clutch. LBJ dominates for 3.5 quarters. The only “weakness” to his game is being clutch. He passed the ball in the final 20 seconds WAY more than he should have….hence why he is critisized.

    You look at Kobe…he refuses to pass…he wants to hit the game winner so bad…he’ll only pass if a teammate is under the basket without no one guarding him.

  6. well…he has 3 mvps…31 triple doubles…9 buzzers….12 game winners…playoffs mvp…and a championship…oh and hes already a first ballot hall of famer…i dont think they give those stats to those who arent clutch…

  7. I dare you to go to TNT and tell Charles Barkely the garbage you’re telling me. “LBJ is sooo clutch”

    He’d slap you across your ugly face and make you his prison bitch.

    PS I was joking about the prison bitch thing…dont go out and start commiting crimes purposely so you can be someones bitch.

  8. HA, that comment right there just showed me how ignorant you TRULY are. Don’t even bother responding because, after that comment, every succeeding argument of yours will be found invalid.

    Have a nice day and learn a little bit more about basketball while you’re at it 🙂

  9. Thanks for proving my point by saying LBJ is clutch. HAHA

    Since he’s such a clutch player, I wonder why he’s not in this video?!?!!

    I wonder why all the professionals and media laugh at him for not wanting the ball in the final seconds. He’s a beast but he does not like taking the last shot. That doesn’t mean he sucks, it means he’s not clutch but overall great.

    Maybe thats why you like him so much? Because your both pussies. (you of course would be the looser pussy)

  10. You make NO sense… Have you even WATCHED the playoffs this year? He has had NUMEROUS clutch performances. All you have to do is search. When you’re done admitting your defeat, then you can go drink your warm fucking milk and go to sleep bitch….

  11. OMG….now you’re saying LBJ is clutch or something?!?!?! I said he isn’t clutch and somehow you’re going to argue that?

    I should be saying you dont know nothing about the sport.U cant even admit the truth that LBJ isnt clutch because you got LBJs d*ck on your mind and you cant think straight you low life.

    When someone is saying LBJ isn’t over any clutch videos, and someones reply to that is “there were a lot of clutch shots not shown” what else do you mean you retarded circus monkey??

  12. Are you thick? He has made A LOT of clutch shots… And how did I imply that he would be all over it? I never gave that impression dipshit… If you say he never made a clutch shot, then, again you obviously know nothing about the sport.

    Come back with a real argument in the morning, it’s past your bedtime… kid.

  13. “There were a lot of clutch shots not shown in this video” Are you illiterate? We’re talking about LBJ here….I said LBJ doesn’t make them. Are you saying if all the clutch videos were shown LBJ would be all over it or something??

    Once again, I said I’m replying to previous comments. So shut up and keep your pointless comments to yourself mut.

  14. There were a LOT of clutch shots this year that weren’t in this video you “baboon”. Why even compare lebron to jordan? they played at different times and different positions. you and all of the other people comparing them obviously know nothing about the game.

  15. “Neither player is even in this video” ….ummm ya dumbass…THATS THE POINT YOU BABOON. How can someone be the greatest if they cant even make the “clutch shot videos”

    You dumb little twirp read the comments, I’m replying to people who brought up this topic. GET IT PRINCESS?

  16. What the fuck does this even have to do with the video? Neither player is even in this video.. fuck off….

  17. LBJ is a great player, look at what he accomplished this year. BUT people need to stop saying he’s better than Jordan.

    LBJ isn’t clutch or selfish enough when he needs to be. When MJ was losing he’d take over the game and demand the ball….his will and mental toughness is what set him aside from everyone.

    10 seconds left in a game 7 finals game, who would you want with the ball? MJ or LBJ?? enough said. LBJ would probably pass it 90% of the time. (to some chump like Haslem or something)

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