Manchester United Vs Valerenga 0-0 All Highlights 5/8/2012

17 thoughts on “Manchester United Vs Valerenga 0-0 All Highlights 5/8/2012

  1. are you dumb lol get off uniteds page your clearly not a fan and by the way welbeck is only young maybe ur refuring to michael owen?…

  2. Man utd will win jack shit this season. Welbeck is the worst forwards i have ever seen at man utd.

  3. We need a top class striker badly as we just aren’t scoring enough goals. We haven’t scored more than 1 goal a game during pre season so far.

  4. chelsea lost all their preseason games a couple of years back and won the premier league it don’t matter really just about fitness dumb arses.

  5. Off course they would like to win in pre-season and so would us as fans but I’d rather them get fit play well and be ready for the season then see them win every pre-season game.You don’t judge a team during pre-season.

  6. @ryiin ITS FOR FITNESS JESUS CHRIST nice negative comment! It is rustyness like when welbeck lost the ball in the box.

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