Manchester United in Galatasaray 1993

24 thoughts on “Manchester United in Galatasaray 1993

  1. 3:25 teki davulcuya bakın, ölümüne davul çalıyor davulu patlatacak yahu…galatasaray ve taraftar….davulcu kendinden geçmiş beeeee…

  2. Hahaha Ryan Gigs 2:32’de gülüyorken 2:35’de tribünü görünce bi anda gülmesi kesiliyior 😀

  3. Man i just hope Manu doesnt thrash Gala in the first game like 4-0 5-0 away game would be dangerous in that case

  4. Ok .. Just make sure some of those maniacs here dont do something crazy .. Im seeing crazy stuff like Stabbing a english supporter .. Will be a great match

  5. in the stadium, we are 50,000 supporters if the question is population. but its not a hell or something like this video, anymore. im a Galatasaray supporter but i really miss those times when i see that kind of videos.

    we are still have passion, you’ll see that, dont worry about it.

    but unfortunately, Sami Yen is not a hell anymore.

  6. lol, SAF saying “I’ll not be going back”, yet we have Galatasaray in the 2012-13 CL again. Sorry SAF, looks like you will have to go back.

  7. Cantona! You legend!
    MUFC players fighting Turkish police……..Just another reason why i love Man utd.

  8. haha bunch of dirty turkish bastards!! lets see what youve got when u come old trafford and youre out numbered. will u bring your “welcome to hell” signs then? hahhaa. lets see what youve got.

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