Manchester United has 659 million followers worldwide / worlds biggest club

19 thoughts on “Manchester United has 659 million followers worldwide / worlds biggest club

  1. lets get facts right UNITED have just been officially recognised as the most valuable sports consortium in the WORLD! outstripping real madirid and the new york yankee’s by millions of $’s…so all you bertie’s who are under the misconception that citeh are the richest club in the world..hmm bit of a wake up call!! FACT you do not generate your own income to support the massive spending that you do…it’s 3rd party money…sugar daddy money…get it???

  2. I live in merseyside 🙁 but i am in love with manchester united im there when we win and there when loose i have pride for my team

  3. I’ve supported United ever since I was 3. Been going to games even at that age with my Uncle. Most of the supporters at OT are a joke, but you’ll find most of them are loyal and have supported the club for years.

  4. Red devils prove ur presence! Thumbs up and show the world who we are!

    Red devil for life!

  5. while all the the big club have a deal/closing deal with a top player/star player, we, with a poor performance and lineup in history last season only manage to sign japan player.and if the high rated star player tell reporter “i will announce tomorrow which club i will join next season between MU or whatever” and the answer will be the whatever club..why top players dont want to play with MU?..dang i miss those days.

  6. Wish all these chinkys, yanks, Irish, day trippers would fuck off! Real mancs like myself who have United in our blood can’t get tickets coz of these lot. We are getting ridiculed! We are the ones who travel down miles to watch our team on a cold tuesday night. Only support united if u have a link with them, otherwise fuck off!

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