Manchester United Best Teamplay Goals in 2011/12 (HD)

25 thoughts on “Manchester United Best Teamplay Goals in 2011/12 (HD)

  1. i know it’s not wrong to put your name in the video but can you at least make it smaller ? it’s really distracting .. and i think there are plenty of better music out there .. the last goal is no.1 there is no doubt for that but the quality sucks .. i think you can do better than that right ? anyway nice video 🙂

  2. <3 MUFC <3!!!!!!!!!! LOVE UNITED HATE CITY!!! CHAMP20NS!!!!!!!
    Mancheter United 'till die!! GGMU!<3

  3. nani celebrates nicely lol, he better play this season u knw. him and kagawa will be bad ass combo for us this year they r fast thinkers of the ball and link well with team mates. we looking deal this season and ppl writing us off? come on now. UNITED WE STAND!!! and welcome RVP

  4. My heart ached every time I watched that Everton game. No idea how we lost two points in that game at OT. With Shinji, I know we won’t miss Park much, but his goal against Pool was sublime and we will miss his goals every time we play against Arsenal.

  5. The goal against Everton was incredible. It’s such a damn shame the defence couldn’t reach the standard of the attack towards the end of the match. Despite not winning a piece of silverware, I can’t help but smile when I watch moments like these again and am now looking forward to the upcoming season even more. I reckon Nani should stay. Despite his inconsistency his contributions in team goals were sublime.

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