Manchester United – Believe 2011/2012

24 thoughts on “Manchester United – Believe 2011/2012

  1. Ah City fans just fuck off. What history have you got? People remember you as moneybags who bought the Premier League title. People remember United for the Treble of 1999, having legends like Keane, Beckham, Cantona. We wave banners with our history all over it & you wave banknotes in player’s faces. You pricks are spoiling football & the glory of the sport. The likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, even Liverpool, have more legends & history than you. Cunts will always be cunts.

  2. As a manchester united fan, I think Alex ferguson has done an amazing job since the glazers took over. In 7 years the glazers have cost united over 500 million in interest and other financial technicalities, and in that time manchester united’s debts have only decreased from 604 million to 423 million. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the 500 million that has been sucked out of the cub from 2005 – 2012, could have give us much more spending power in the transfer market. Fergu

  3. Manchester is my heaven!!
    To all the arrogant glory hunter “MAN CHEATY” fans please stay away from this video.. You are making it filthy by your hateful comments. Everyone knows how you won the title and BELIEVE me no one respects your team. No one does and no one will!!

  4. Ok all you Man City fans go fuck off… Well done u won on goal difference, want a cake? Do not EVER under estimate Manchester United and sir Alex ferguson! CHAMP20NS!!!!!!

  5. And say hi to Glazer for us ; )

    Cheers for the banter lad, have to go eat now. Have yourself a good day 🙂

  6. Hehe my cousin is a United fan…heard it all before lad ; )

    You mention our oil man, fair call..but if Anderson’s millions hadn’t come along in the late 80’s to enable Fergie to build the most expensive side ever fielded to start winning cups in 1990, you’d still be midtable
    You can have title 20 when you win it…in all honesty, us City fans really only care what WE do…we dont care what UTD have won, any more than Barca fans care what Real Madrid have won.or UTD fans care what Liverpool win

  7. well, then i’ll just let the lads prove it to you! 20th is inevitable mate. Take away the oil-man and your club turns into bullshit!

  8. hah! you really think we are going down? are you that stupid? We lost the title on goal difference! so yeah, keep dreaming! We are going to come back strong!

  9. Believe……believe in achieving the biggest end of season collapse in English football history and losing the title to City


  10. We Believe, because we are United

    The 20th Championship will be ours. We are Manchester United!

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