Manchester United 4-4 Everton

25 thoughts on “Manchester United 4-4 Everton

  1. shouldnt u be eating a corn dog down the mal
    thats what u get for insulting the british accent you american FATASS

  2. Best game of the season utd and blues attacking football was at times truly breathtaking both teams doing prem proud utd looked to run away with it. Cant belive the spirit n flair of us toffess with our play especially fellani and pienar linkin up only let down was fergusson after the game as usual giving us no cred most of them goals were just set up n brilliantly taken but oh no it was united gifting everton the goals as usual.Same otha wk. All everton did was lug it with the long ball.Twat.

  3. You’re not even from England you sad glory hunter. do you even know where old trafford is? support your local team.

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