Manchester United 2 – 1 Bayern Munich (Champions League Final 1999)

24 thoughts on “Manchester United 2 – 1 Bayern Munich (Champions League Final 1999)

  1. if you read some articles, Munich’s winner ribbons have been attached to the trophy since the 90th minute, coz the leader of UEFA thought they have already won

  2. to be honest, liverpool can score coz milan’s defense sucks and they didn’t create chances.. but bayern munchen was creating many chances.. the commentator even said,”twice the woodwork to save man.utd”.

  3. This final was incredible, I have never seen other final like this. I´m from Spain and I can say that the 2 clubs are wonderful.

  4. @asiniori who then had Claudio Taffarel for a goalkeeper who 5 years before that day won the 1994 world cup.

  5. Actually Liverpool scored 3 goals in 6 minutes. Manchester United had 80 odd minutes to score their 2 goals… they just procrastinated and left it to the end!

  6. Who cares Liverpool or Man Utd, an English club won. No matter what, if an English club is playing that I dislike in Europe, I will always support them.

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