Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal | The FA Cup 6th Round

25 thoughts on “Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal | The FA Cup 6th Round

  1. This was Sir Alex completely mocking Arsenal’s style; he started with 7 defenders–Vidic, Brown, O’Shea, Fabio, Rafael, Smalling and Evra– and won! You can have all the possession you like, but if you don’t score, it doesn’t mean anything.

  2. Scholes pass at 6:47 was just magical , 37 and he can still do that
    Scholes is a legend. even Scouses have to admit that!

  3. All of them $hity..Che$ki..Liverpool..Arsensl..hates us the most, ever wondered why ? because were the #1

  4. I always wanted to see the twins as Wingers and they were brilliant.. Rafa was playing as a striker for like 10 mins in the second half.. want to see them again as wingers

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