Manchester City Wins the Premier League Title. Everyone Goes Nuts.

25 thoughts on “Manchester City Wins the Premier League Title. Everyone Goes Nuts.

  1. I’m showing this video to everyone that can’t understand my undying love for this sport. It’s far more than that… the beautiful game. Forever.

  2. Yes I agree! United are good but also I don’t mind if chelsea win it. As long as its not uniuted I don’t care who wins it! But I still would like city to! (from a city fan)

  3. I’m a United fan, but this is by far one of the most electrifying moments in the Prem’s history!

  4. i’m a german football fan and everyone knows about the “friendship” between german and english fans. but as a true football fan, i must say: WAHNSINN (=unbelievable, amazing, etc.)!!! And everyone outthere, who don’t understand, why we love this game: Look this video…

  5. Im a utd supporter the only reason evry whan wanted city to win cos every one who didnt support utd where jealous and bored because we won it nearly every year. But it didnt matter i wasnt tht bothered because they tried a lot harder than us for the title.

  6. how the fuck was my earlier comment irrelevant to the conversation we’re now in? you’ve merely taken my previous comment out of context and mixed it with a hurl of swear words and abuse. It’s not even an opinion that city were a bottom half team before you were taken over by your new owners, so what’s the fucking problem? Your argument therefore is invalid and fucking retarded. You’re a fucking idiot, much like most of the pasty cunts up your way are.

  7. Yes, im a liverpool supporter but i was screaming and wanted man city to win and it was a amazing match..

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