Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United

25 thoughts on “Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United

  1. Seriously limeies, shut the fuck up! We call it soccer to differentiate it between that and american football, it has nothing to do with degrading the sport. I play soccer, love it, and am a huge fan of the sport. It seems like every video TYTsports posts of a premier league game, all the assholes jump on just to be cunts. You englishman should be so proud that soccer is like our bottom run sport nationally and have still performed as well you guys in recent major tournaments.

  2. This Manchester derby broke the world record for the most viewed match with 650 million viewers…Diego Maradona admitted that the Manchester derby is bigger than El Clasico

  3. dont put the match as the thumbnail you dick I just gave you like 5 views I wish I could take away, you suck

  4. If any of your 19 titles (1st one won in 1908) meant as much as the one city just won,you wouldn’t need to come on a clip of your team getting beat 1-0 to tell me.

  5. Sorry but dont think you noticed bu MUFC have 19, City have won only three. You should not be jibing united because you havent even had 5 let alone 19. You only rub it in (hard) that you won 2011-2012 title because you have only won 3.HAHA!

  6. What about Rio Cokehead Ferdinand BANNED for an entire season remember? The point I’m making is city had their own losses all season but we still won the title.Stop making daft excuses for your has been team of cunts and change your fucking name to WeDoWhatWeWantExceptWin20 you fucking bitter rag wanker.HaHa!

  7. Who gives a fuck about Kolo Cokehead Toure? Isn’t he being sold now. Scholes didn’t play a full season, Vidic was out for the whole season.

  8. Don’t blame your losses on two players. Before city got so rich we would blame our losses on being shit, why can’t any united fans admit their club can’t dominate the league forever (I mean you done a good job at that don’t get me wrong) But in my opinion united won’t be the same as they were for a while, regardless of Rio and Vidic.

  9. First game against West Brom, Rio and Vidic picked up injuries.. Two first-choice centre-backs, then it continued all through. If you had lost Kompany almost all season, you wouldn’t even finish 1st or 2nd.

  10. ‘All season’ hahahahahahahahahaha do you even watch football ? We were #1 until april you stupid prick… Then we lost to arsenal and drew a few games. Then came back from a 8 point margin in a month ahahaha. Such an idiot.

  11. Fact is, the scum should never have been 8pts behind a injured United team all season. Just shows how shit they are. Champions my arse.

  12. Your comment is spot on. Yes joe hart came from Shrewsbury Town. Yes man cheaty have never promoted any young talent. Whatever these fans say cheaty wouldn’t have achieved anything without money. they will remain a club who sold their respect in order to win trophies. They will never earn a football fan’s respect. Help from FA’s chairman and money wont take them far. Fukin Beggars!!!

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