17 thoughts on “MAN UTD VS EVERTON RANT *Explicit” MrFlyingPigHD

  1. LOL at the transcript we got Anna following him on twitter to Jim Everton
    and West Palm comments lol love how broken everything is on YouTube.

  2. I think Midfield and Defense is shit faleni is shit the whole team is
    hopeless except one man Wayne Rooney Moyes needs to get this shit sorted
    out otherwise we will not be in the Champions League next year. I did my
    greatest Rage ever when Everton scored I threw my cushion on the floor I
    was dam well pissed off

  3. well well well 0-1 ay 😉 we finally won away get in! but seriously moyes
    and utd need to start winning games or u wont make it in the top 4 mate

  4. I think we will have to wait in the summer to get some top players in, it
    takes a lot of negotiating and hassle to get players of the caliber of Reus
    and Gundogan in, hopefully in January he Moyes will buy some younger
    players for the future and then buy some top players next summer, but if we
    don’t get top 4 then we are fucked 

  5. Man I have SO MANY THINGS we can say I’ll just keep it simpple..Moyes is
    shit..our midfield is FUCKING AWFUL…terrible performance..awful just

  6. The biggest pisstake is that we won’t even spend in January I can guarantee
    it and in next summer I’ll be suprised if we sign any quality there either.
    We’re weak in the transfer window nowadays.

  7. I reckon Martinez will end up as Moyes’ You talked about
    Fellaini (sp) and I thought it was odd that he was signed for Man Utd. I’ve
    never rated him and would have thought Man Utd would be more ambitious with
    their signings.

  8. rues is un-realistic lets face it either if him or draxler move it will be
    to arsenal they both have stated if the move to the epl its probably there
    preffered destination

  9. I waited like 12 hours for this rant!!! love it when united lose, and your
    rants make it even sweeter 😀 keep up the good work :D

  10. I was so Shocked at how poor we were knowing that it was a must win game.
    This is season has even worse than expected

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