Man Utd v Liverpool 1979/80 Division One

24 thoughts on “Man Utd v Liverpool 1979/80 Division One

  1. That surridge ball was class. Used to buy two heavy plastic replicas at a time from Woolies in case one popped or got lost. Best ball ever, narrowly beating the 78 World Cup Tango

  2. You have obviously never played football at any level. A heavy ball is conducive to playing better football. A heavy ball doesent move about in the air like we see today. ball control was easier back then. Plus longer shots with a heavy ball when struck right have a truer movement in the air giving it more accuracy. The players today work wonders with these light balls nowadays.

  3. Balls are a bit different nowadays (they’re still round though!) and some rules have been changed, but overall football is still the same on the field. The pitchmarking is the same, they still play on grass, kick ‘n’ rush is still in use just as the more classy style of play along the floor, just in a higher tempo. I think it’s more the things outside the pitch that has changed. Alot more sponsorships, all-seater, squad numbers, coloured boots, foreign players etc.

  4. “Conference League” standard? you say. A touch harsh,
    possibly. And I wonder how a player of today would cope
    on those heavy pitches and with footballs that weighed
    about the same as a bowling ball? Wouldn’t last 45 minutes,
    I suspect. Bring back the mud, I say. Bring back the wet
    leather, and dispense with the balloons of today. Bring back
    the terraces. Bring back sponsorless shirts. Yes, bring it
    all back, and Liverpool-kiss all these modern-day ballerinas.

  5. Hate to say it, but this game wouldn’t look out of place in the conference league now…footballs really moved on. Mind you they would probably have looked back at football in the 50s in the same way. I wonder if people in 40 years time will look back on football now like that and I wonder how it’ll evolve in future from playing style and ability/tactics/pitch & ball design/rule adjustments etc….interesting…

  6. Back in those days you were offside even if you weren’t interfering with play, so there was a few of them offside so it wasn’t a bad offside trap so Dalglish’s miss remains the biggest joke.

  7. how did this liverpool team win so much? they were shit. maybe everyone else was just shitter?

  8. IMO the appalingly bad attempt at an offside trap is far more shocking than Dalglish’s miss…

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