Man Utd 4-3 Man City – FanZone Highlights

24 thoughts on “Man Utd 4-3 Man City – FanZone Highlights

  1. all yous slag the united guy.. he makes me laugh everytime! haha, both those lads are brilliant!

  2. hahahaha bitter shitty fan moaning about the extra time..we all know it was ustified cuz of bellamy’s celebration and its also extras time for u to score aswell …..but ur not good enuff

  3. I was in the scoreboard end – as was – eating a prawn sandwich and as soon as that ball dropped to giggs I thought wheres Owen and bang it was in and even though I’m a blue of 46 years it was a sight for sore eyes to see 74000 reds going barmy it was a sunny day and they did it again at our place one nil last minute!!!

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