Man Utd 3-2 Southampton 02/09/2012 Sir Alex

11 thoughts on “Man Utd 3-2 Southampton 02/09/2012 Sir Alex

  1. chicharito fue clave para los ultimos dos goles, entro de cambio muy bienn welbeck jugo pesimo no queria defender,¡ seguro que para el proximo partido chicharito tendra mas minutos para ponerse como en su primera temporada

  2. RVP was awesome today (apart from the pen) Scholes made the difference when he came on, Welbeck was awful Hernandez should start next game for sure #MUFC

  3. I don’t know about Buttner, he’s got practically no experience (at least in the PL), I wouldn’t say for sure he is better than Fabio and he is on loan. I’m not sure about Welbz, SAF often plays him on the left wing, maybe he wants to convert him lol, but he forces everyone on the wing, Giggs can’t play the whole game, he’s still unfit and tyred from the Olympics and Young is injured. Nani would be good from the start because he needs to play a few entire games to get into his form.

  4. Buttner. He already played against Spurs U-21 and look confidence. No way he could do worst than Evra. Agree with Welbeck comment. Why start him when we have Young/Nani/Giggs? Really bad tactic today, almost cost United 3 points.

  5. who would you put instead of evra? we didn’t land baines. and welbeck isnt good on the left wing, he’s only good when rooney makes chances for him

  6. Exactly. Lindergaard, Welbeck and Evra shouldn’t be on the pitch today. Terrible defending!

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