Man United 2-0 vs Swansea

25 thoughts on “Man United 2-0 vs Swansea

  1. Haaaaa I’m not man city fan but yeses man u past it now gigg scholes Ferdinand old as fuck haaaa bye bye man u

  2. Man United, a team i strongly respect so much in terms of their history and success. i’de rather have United fans sing, united are the most succesful club in england, soon it will be so. We dont need a rascist club representing the title of being the most succesful team in england.

  3. I thought this is a big channel like “Skysports or ESPN” . But this is so awesome. Do you have a plan for telecasting? And are you doing this independently Rick?

  4. LMFAO! Your 100% correct. How on earth did you spot that one lol. He does look very like him omg lol. Your sooo cool for spotting that 1 out! =D I love you for that. =D

  5. Echoing a lot of the positive comments on your reviews Rick… I listen/watch a lot of podcasts/vidcasts and now have subscribed to another one! Very entertaining and fun to watch… keep it up!

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