Liverpool vs Manchester United by aditya_reds

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  1. This might sound arrogant but When you are at the top people will always hate you and you will make many rivals.( United undoubtedly have dominated the Premier League under Sir Alex ). Clubs like Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and most recently Manchester City will always fight for a spotlight battle with Manchester United.

  2. @harsh307

    First Division and PL 19
    Second Division 2
    League Cup: 4
    FA Cup: 11
    FA Charity/Com. Shield: 19
    European Cup/CL: 3
    UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1
    Super Cup: 1
    Intercontinental Cup: 1
    FIFA CWC: 1

    62 total


    English football champions: 18
    Second Division: 4
    Lancashire League: 1
    FA Cup: 7
    League Cup: 7
    FA Charity/Com. Shield: 15
    European Cup/CL: 5
    UEFA Cup: 3
    UEFA Super Cup: 3

    63 total

    63>62 = Liverpool FC>scum
    That is how the math is done…”enough said..!”

  3. Noob talks. 5 > 3 anyday. If we have blood on them, we have sweat on them too. Trash talking wnt really help you to intimate us.

  4. you are right that now we are not powerfull like in 2008 but remember this words… WE WIILL BE BACK.

  5. stop watching history channels…let me tell you dat we are in 2011 where lfc is struggling to even qualify for CL

  6. End of the day. Liverpool and Manchester United are only teams in England with history and success. Man City and Chelsea can go FUCK OFF!

  7. WE Don’t Have Blood On Our 3 CL trophies ! Its better to have 3 Than having 5 covered with blood. 

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