Lionel Messi vs Manchester United (08/08/2012)

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  1. “don’t get hyped over one classico…” Are you aware that it was Iniesta who won the player of euro 2012, and not ronaldo? So why should Ronaldo win world player over Iniesta, if he can’t surpass him in Europe. Madrid won la liga because of team work, not from an individual. if it was from an individual, then barca would have won, as Messi achieved more, as an individual.

  2. Why are all you fighting over Ronaldo and Messi? this has nothing to do with Ronaldo. Theyre both worldclass players who will destroy any team. Stop fighting like bitches. Even when asked they dont talk shit about eachother, they hold each other in high respects, so who are you to right off one player compared to the other?

  3. @Kamora7777 well messi won la liga the season before and all ronaldo did then was score goals in la liga he couldnt even beat messi in goals in all competitions that yr. On top of the messi got the champions league title. So between these last two seasons i still think messi was more successful than cr7

  4. No, Cristiano has done more than Messi last season and that’s the end of the discusion. Cristiano took his team to the La liga title. That is very very heavy. Messi did nothing except scoring goals. Yeah yeah dont get hype over one el classico just because iniesta was good. Ballon d’or is normally based on the last season. and iniesta wasnt in his best form last season. Even Özil had more assist than him with double.

  5. As you can see, your comment is invalid. Putting CR ahead of Messi because he scored the same amount of goals as 6 other players in the euros, or the fact that his TEAM won the league is ludicrous, and biased. Personally, I think Iniesta should win it. His play-making this season has made cr’s look like he is from a lower division.

  6. “Top goal scorer in euro 2012”. 6 players scored a maximum of 3 goals in the euro 2012. CR was amonst them, however, he was put in 6th place amid these players, as he took the longest to score the 3 for the duration of it. The prize was givin to Torres. “Won the title with madrid” that’s called team work, not individual performances! “Scored against barca many times in a row” I am not even goin to mention how many consecutive goals messi has on madrid, I will let research that one for yourself .

  7. i appreciate ur positive thoughts but hey come on they playing on same team will not happen. and ofcourse they r on top so people will compare them and yes every player have their + and – but still if u compare them messi comes on top in pure football if u ask some neutral fans or legends of football 🙂

  8. lol nobody cares about goal dot com 😀 they r just mostly young nigerians who loves cr7 legs talk about mature football legends who prefer messi

  9. Semifinal in Euro 2012. Top goalscorer in Euro2012. Won the title with Real Madrid with 9 points. Scored against Barcelona many times in a row. Goals scored in important matches. Semifinal in CL against Bayern Munchen scored 2 goals.

    Defenitly ronaldo but messi can better. Not this year

  10. Ppl hating ronaldo do not love football,they love personalities,nd are bloody ugly,short,poor nd are envious of him nd relate themselves to messi to hide der napolean complex…luv dem both

  11. That 9-0-1 Chelsea, yeah good point…what a cunt.Now that Drogba isnt anymore they probably gonna play 10-0-0 piece of shit coward team. They are the definition of anti-football. And goal voting Penaldo 1st is funny shit bro, is a comedy website right?

  12. Are you serious? Lionel Messi skills are dying? CR7 scoring an amazing goal? Dude do you even know what year are we living? Compare their 5 last matches and tell me how and why Messi skills are dying, im really curious. Please at least watch football (not FUCKING PES NERD) before posting that stupid comment.

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