Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez All Goals for Man Utd Season 2010 – 2011

24 thoughts on “Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez All Goals for Man Utd Season 2010 – 2011

  1. People who say there all tap in’s don’t give him any credit, Any one who knows football & Chicha you’ll know his movement is superb which every defender hates & is even more tough in the Premier League,
    He has that raw talent to get into positions where the ball is going & loses his marker in seconds!

  2. what’s wrong with tap-ins? ever heard of poachers? not all goals have to be scorchers…
    composure, finishing and positioning are very important attributes too.
    besides, even if you only watched the first two goals, you’d have realised the second one wasn’t a tap-in…

  3. he will proaly get like 3 games coz think we have rvp rooney bervatov welbeck chciarito and macheda. PErsonally we should sell weleck hes useless put macheda on loan adn have berbatov on bench and next season he will be 30 i thinkso then we can sell him or put him on the reserve and let chciarito take his place on the subs

  4. itss funny how people think that chicharito is going to play next season, with van persie alongside rooney, they wont need chicharito at all. Hes a good player but you cant compare van persie to him

  5. Still scored 12 goals last season which is as many as welbeck, I don’t consider that second season syndrome. He scored 12 in less games than the season before too.

  6. Ahora que Manchester United contrató a Van Persie, si esa mentira de Chicharito calentaba banca, ahora la va a quemar.

  7. I don’t know why people complain about Chicharito praying. Let him pray, cuz he’s the one making all the goals. If it weren’t for God and Chicharito praying to Him, Manchester would not be getting all the wins.

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