Inside Edge: Train with Manchester United

25 thoughts on “Inside Edge: Train with Manchester United

  1. yeah joe hart is a good keeper 🙂 but i think united fans and me miss van da sar he was an awsome keeper but de gea is still good

  2. Im a city fan, but let me say this. Joe Hart is my favorite player, but you guys are incredibly lucky to have De Gea. Already such a talented goalkeeper at 21, a very young age. Obviously he wants to improve and will improve. My guess is he becomes the best goalkeeper in the world in the next 5 years.

  3. @ro88ertsmith is prolly a pussy ass american football player that likes to hide behind all the pads and helmets while rolling around on the ground in tight pants with sweaty men

  4. Probably a heart-rate monitor – seeing if they’re reaching full potential or when they need a break depending on which type of training they’re doing.

  5. Obviously they were told before filming to refer to the game as ‘soccer’, which doesn’t make sense.. Seeing as the yanks are the only people who call it ‘soccer’ where as the rest of the billions of people around the world call it ‘football’.. Dont understand why they cant just say football..

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