Inside Edge: Punch Above your Weight

25 thoughts on “Inside Edge: Punch Above your Weight

  1. watch your american football and do not comment on European football moron ,or as you call it soccer. it is called football because players are using their feet while in american football players handle the ball. get lost!

  2. yes I watch man united games only because of Berbatov otherwise I would not bother. I support Liverpool “mate”.

  3. Jika12
    Ohh but you didn’t did you.. Nope arsenal lost again. Poor wenger he most be bleeding from his ass from stress.

  4. how did you know im a gunner? did you smell the gunpowder? cause were gunna gun you both city and utd down plus were gunna silence herhendez lol

  5. chicharito is still in that beginning fase that every big player goes through. rooney, messi, ronaldo, all those guys didn’t become gods in their first few seasons. chicharito will continue to mature and work hard and next year maybe 2 years from now he will be the nightmare of every defender and goalkeeper. :))

  6. end of the day he is quality not because of the goals he scores its his movement which gives him that edge on defenders and that extra split second and when you are as good as him you will score mostly every time

  7. He doesn’t score lucky goals. He simply scores when there’s good players around him. Just look at when he plays with Mexico. Still scores. I’ll be the first to admit that all he does is spread the defense and score goals that seem simple. Heck some of them are just tap ins. But look at Mexico U-20, they could’ve been champions if they had someone who could simply, tap the ball IN!!! A lot of teams wish they had a player like him. He’s not great, but he’s really damn effective.

  8. getting a concussion doesnt have anything to do with how strong u r or how well you can “push above your weight” I dont care how fit you think you are, you get hit in the head hard enough your going down….just ask a ufc fighter and stop being stupid

  9. Watching these videos just make you realise how class our staff our, really are the foundations of our club.

  10. Actually I was talking about La copa America which is a good one, the Mexican team here was a cartoon of its own.
    Copa the Oro is actually only for Mexico and USA.

  11. joke?? ha ha copa de oro is a JOKEEEEEE, a buch of lame teams thats why the U.S. and mexico always make it to the final.

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