Football Rivalries – Manchester United & Liverpool

22 thoughts on “Football Rivalries – Manchester United & Liverpool

  1. 19 times!!.. not won the league since 1990.. your only as good as your last win, in this game. yesterday means nothing its History its all about the next game. I’m sure bob paisly used to say that?….ummm

  2. MUFC – 1st English team to win the European Cup, 1st team to win the Premier League, 1st Premier League team to win The Double, 1st English team to win The Treble.

    19 (League Titles) + 3 (European Cups) + 11 (FA Cups) + 4 (League Cups) + 19 (Charity Shields) + 1 (European Cup Winnners’ Cup) = 57 (MUFC)
    18 (League Titles) + 5 (European Cups) + 7 (FA Cups) + 8 (League Cups) + 15 (Charity Shields) + 3 (UEFA Cups) = 56 (LFC)

    Stats don’t lie. As great as Liverpool are, United are simply greater.

  3. you can clearly tell you know nothing about football or ”soccer” . its 19 leagues not cups could be anything , dont worry you can jump ship to man city now soon

  4. Whether you’re a MUFC fan or a LFC, you gotta admit this is a great rivalry but neither team’s biggest.
    MUFC vs MCFC
    LFC vs EFC
    Those are bigger

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  6. I thought you said you were done with me? lol idiot.

    “there’s true”

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  7. I see we’ve moved off the topic of football so my suggestion to you would be to learn to debate first, if you could read I have explained in my previous message that I am not contradicting myself, you just cannot understand basic English. My grammar is fine- Just got my 2 A’s in English. I’m done with you, come back when you learn to understand basic messages and football in general.

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  12. No answer to my previous message- I made you look like a fool. Yes, Shankly. I highly doubt that.

  13. “your a thick shit”

    Priceless. Who’s Shanks? Bill Shankly?

    You’re not only stupid but fucking weird. I support Utd.

  14. Only because your a thick shit who doesn’t know his facts. Cut that language out, right, son? Shanks wouldn’t approve…

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