FATV’s Best of England U21’s Training 2011

24 thoughts on “FATV’s Best of England U21’s Training 2011

  1. Brilliant .. let’s see them do it now when it counts, in a World Cup quarter or semi final! Or will they just freeze and play it square, play it backwards or hoof it? I hope not. Come on England! Where’s your balls?

  2. Chamberlains action is so smooth he is striking the ball beatifully, maximum economy, maximum efficiency..

  3. I know, right? If you learn how to control the ball in tight spaces, then when you have lots of space and lots of time, you’ll be able to handle it easy. And if you can pass quickly, you wear out the opponent. If only England could learn how to do Tiki-Taka and play the long ball as well, they’d be winning everything!

  4. Its what makes footballers great the ability to pass and move whilst only having two touches to do it. Control and pass, control and pass. If England can play that sort of football in years to come we will be winning trophies again soon. Hopefully!

  5. LOL at the guy who got hit in the head.
    Man, I hate two-touch restriction, but those guys handled it easy…I think I need to hit the practice field more. 😛 Time to find some football buds…

  6. i think you need to learn what an internet troll really is before you spout off with nonsense again. I was asking what i asked because i actually thought that it might be fake. It’s not like things like that has never happened before…remember ronaldinho hitting the bar 5 times in a row?

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