EPL News: Manchester United Agrees To Purchase Arsenal Captain Robin van Persie

25 thoughts on “EPL News: Manchester United Agrees To Purchase Arsenal Captain Robin van Persie

  1. “the cup” Lol , you can even tell from the way you speak about football you’re a johnny come lately gloryhunting knobhead

    and of course you don’t , you never go to matches , your fans sung chants of “she said no robin , she said no” , you weren’t the only ones , but you still did it

    oh , don’t worry , he was falsely accused and everything , wasn’t giving him stick there , although alot of Gooners will

    p.s. , we’ve played one game , against a team who took 4 points off man city last season

  2. Honestly I didn’t even know about the rape accusation but anyways it was fun chatting with you but I have a life and I don’t like talking to idiots. Good luck in the Premier League, having started the way you did I think you guys are on a run towards the cup 😉 ( just in case, cause you’re retarded, that was sarcasm)

  3. er , i never said he did it , my point was you were taunting him about it for years , and now all of a sudden you love him

    my username is a reference to a nld played last year that has special meaning for me for personal and footballing reasons , maybe you’re dyslexic and couldn’t see the numbers 4 , and 1 , or maybe you’re just a cunt , but gloryhunters are cunts anyway i guess , not news to me

    oh , and i love the fact that you think we’re scum , we love being hated 😉

  4. Funny how you would only mention the rape accusation of him when he leaves your little shitty team. I like your username arsenal for scum…. it represents you perfectly.

  5. you’re welcome , thanks for the £24 million (i don’t know how much that is in your currency , being a man utd fan i doubt you’re british)

    will you continue to sing songs to van persie about him being a rapist (in reference to a rape accusation of him in 2005) , anyway , let’s hope giggsy treats him as a brother

  6. nah I don’t I don’t need to, btw thanks for Robin Van Persie, I’m sure he would really help Man Utd win the premier league.

  7. ☻/



    This is bob. copy and paste him all over youtube and he will rule the world!!!

  8. So fucking true.. This just shows a little American logic sometimes.. O_o Americans are pretty nnice people, I have American friends.. But their ..whatchama call it.. Sometimes they think pretty dumb ways.. 😀

  9. Obviously, football is when you’re allowed to run with the ball in your hands.. And as far as i know, it’s only kicking when the game is stopped ? like Punting.. Am I wrong ? How ever.. There is very little football in the American football.. I mean, there isn’t really a ball… It’s a oval.. Wellwell, we call it one way, you cvall it another.. That’s just the way the world works. even though the American football kinda anoyys the shit out of me.. But, I’ll have to live with it. Peace!

  10. Man I can’t stand it how people just think Americans are such dumbasses because soccer isn’t our biggest sports. We have our game you guys have yours so what is the problem with that?

  11. For everyone that complains when U.S calls soccer soccer is because it is called soccer, it’s the proper way. It was first invented by the British and since there was many other forms of football (American, Australia, Rugby football, etc) Football gradually started dominating “soccer”. Point is it doesn’t matter if you call “soccer” or “football” both names are correct.

  12. Manchester United sucks without C.Ronaldo after he left, but the next C.Ronaldo will come… Robin Van Persie.

  13. Is this guy mad, United Midfield isnt so good, mate Kagawa is technically a midfielder, valencia carrick, cleverly is back and better than ever, nani, anderson, scholes, giggs, powell, Americans have no clue

  14. Handball is called Handball because you use your hands with a ball, football is called football because you use your foot with a ball, American Football you barely use your feet with the ball i have no idea.

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