Chelsea v Man Utd FIFA 12 Style

25 thoughts on “Chelsea v Man Utd FIFA 12 Style

  1. yes i know, but on the own mainstand ( shed end ) i mean, had chelsea a stand like liverpool ( the koop ) , thats my question =)

  2. They had thier own divided little corner, alot of stadiums have Away fans sitting on the same stand as the Home fans but just divided.

  3. but isnt it stupid the leverkusen fans to sitting on part on the official chelsea fanstand?

  4. I think the camera on fifa is on the wrong side of the stadium than the camera at the real stadium. Yeah the leverkusen fans take a small part on the corner of the shed end, also next to the loudest Chelsea supporters.

  5. thanks … but is this really the fanstand from chelsea- fans or is it the right side?, beacause the game between chelsea and leverkusen, the leverkusen fans were at the shed end, werent it?

  6. im from germandy and ive got a question, who is the fan-stand of chelsea ( shed end or something like that ;D ) is it on the left side or at the right side in this fifa perspective, ( sorry for my englisch ;D ) greeting from leverkusen …

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