The Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez has once again opened his feud with the Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson by saying that the Scot should not make tiredness as an excuse for his team dropping a two-goal advantage against Chelsea in the FA Cup. Manchester United raced to a 2-0 lead after just 11 min on the clock, but they were shellshocked when Chelsea came back in the most amazing manner. Benitez made two major substitutions just after half-time, which had a huge impact in the match. United, who controlled the match impeccably in the first half, were totally out of sorts in the second half.

Eden Hazard opened the scoring for Chelsea, while the Brazilian midfielder Ramires equalised the match. The star midfielder Juan Mata could have almost sealed a memorable victory for Chelsea, but he was denied by a fine save by the Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea. After the match, Ferguson complained that his team was tired after having played several matches in recent weeks. However, Benitez has pointed out to the fact that Chelsea have been playing almost 2 matches every week since the start of the season. Hence, Ferguson should not be making tiredness as an excuse for not performing well in the second half.

“I thought you were joking. They played on Tuesday, we played in Romania on Thursday. They were playing at home. They had everything in their favour. I was waiting. I have some education. I know a lot of people are watching, so I know what you have to do. I’m a professional and we were going to Romania and I knew we had players who were a little bit tired and we had to manage them. We knew we had to make some substitutions and we did it,” said Benitez.