Anderson seems to Frustrate all

As a United supporter, you would always be frustrated about Anderson.

He is no longer a part of the club, but, still people talk about him.

That guy promised so much. He had that unique sort of aura about him. He was ruthless, fearless and obviously had got talent. In fact, he had got so much of it that the scouts who had tracked him first had compared him with Wayne Rooney straightaway.

For an 18-year old (Anderson was this young only at that time) to be spoken about as highly as somebody like Wayne Rooney, he must be special and he indeed was special, the cheeky Brazilian kid.

But, after 8 years when he walked away, he would be very unsatisfied with his contributions at United and so would the club supporters.

Anderson left United with a lot of trophies under his belt. He even became a Champions League winner, but, personally, he could have done a lot more given how capable he was.

Some of his displays in patches would make you go wow, but, the next day, you would feel as if it’s a different player playing with Anderson’s mask on. Such inconsistent he was in those 8 years.

There might be an argument that he found hard to settle to the culture of United Kingdom having not been that fluent an English speaker. The injuries did not help him either.

So, there were a couple of uncontrollable things as well that might not have let his Manchester United career shape up that well, but, it just does not sink in that a player like him could score only 5 goals during such a long tenure in the English top division.

The club that Anderson has joined leaving United is Internacional.