Adnan Januzaj – The New King – Manchester United – 2013/2014

25 thoughts on “Adnan Januzaj – The New King – Manchester United – 2013/2014

  1. Overrated, diving little girl. The fact that all the opposition teams in
    this video are Fulham, Villa and West Ham emphasize that

  2. Sterling is sooo much better, had more goals and more assists, he’s got
    amazing vision and can play vital passes also as young as januzaj, sterling
    is heavily underrated!

  3. At first i didn’t want to give this kid credit because he still hasn’t done
    much for me with all these past united stars he has been compared to but
    the more i watch him the more i like the kid. He is like a baby Berbatov,
    just has to prove he can score like him.

  4. Januzaj has a bright future hopefully. But I’m still surprised at the Moyes

  5. Well if no unfortunate events happen ….this boy will probably be the next
    best thing but the annoying part is probably when he BECAME the next best
    thing like we wanted him to be he’s already taken by Real Madrid lol 

  6. この動画とってもイイ!ヤヌザイ魅力が沢山詰まっているし、この動画からインスピレーションをもらうことができた。とってもいい動画よ!

  7. This guy has talent to be something big, but I think people are putting way
    too much pressure on him and he is getting overhyped alot. For example the
    title “New King” is a little to much but it is my opinion.

  8. hes gunna be the next Ronaldo! hes got so much potential the same amount of
    potential Ronaldo had and united will turn him into a world class player,
    just like they did with Ronaldo. From an everton fan

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