1994-01-04 – Liverpool 3-3 Manchester United – Sky Sports Classics

25 thoughts on “1994-01-04 – Liverpool 3-3 Manchester United – Sky Sports Classics

  1. grob’s was a 100% taking bungs..i used to play as keeper myself for years and you can just tell his dives in this game and the last 4 yrs before this game where totally half arsed attempts!!

  2. No way Grobs was taking money here. All the goals were unstoppable and he made a great save at 3-2. The thing I hate about being a keeper is schmeichal’s save and smug smile just before he conceded. He don’t matter how good you are as a keeper or how world class your save is…..you can get it all ruined in minutes/seconds.

  3. ruddock’s a loser. so is andy gray, despite a glittering career, for all the nonsense he subsequently spouted about football, and women.

  4. Correction: Ruddock tripped up Keane, Ince pushed him and then Ruddock said “who you fuckin pushing?”

    Go to vision express.

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