1994-01-04 – Liverpool 3-3 Manchester United – Sky Sports Classics

25 thoughts on “1994-01-04 – Liverpool 3-3 Manchester United – Sky Sports Classics

  1. grob’s was a 100% taking bungs..i used to play as keeper myself for years and you can just tell his dives in this game and the last 4 yrs before this game where totally half arsed attempts!!

  2. It has to be said, Denis Irwin was Class. Most underrated player of his era in my opinion.

  3. No way Grobs was taking money here. All the goals were unstoppable and he made a great save at 3-2. The thing I hate about being a keeper is schmeichal’s save and smug smile just before he conceded. He don’t matter how good you are as a keeper or how world class your save is…..you can get it all ruined in minutes/seconds.

  4. ruddock’s a loser. so is andy gray, despite a glittering career, for all the nonsense he subsequently spouted about football, and women.

  5. Correction: Ruddock tripped up Keane, Ince pushed him and then Ruddock said “who you fuckin pushing?”

    Go to vision express.

  6. Jamie rednapp hung his boots up a long time ago.but GIGGS is STILL going .well in GIGGSY

  7. We need this spirit Reds! The winning spirit! No matter what, we have to keep on trying! YNWA!

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