Tottenham vs Chelsea (1-5) FA Cup Semi Final Highlights (FIFA 12 VS PES 2012)

25 thoughts on “Tottenham vs Chelsea (1-5) FA Cup Semi Final Highlights (FIFA 12 VS PES 2012)

  1. fifa2012นักเตะไม่ค่อยเหมือนpes2012เหมือนกว่า

  2. liverpool fans who are confident about winning. Oh dear. Fair enough hoping to, but you shouldn’t expect it, odds are cheslea’s way despite fixtures they have.

  3. Well definitely it will be harder since it’s the home ground of Barca but i believe Chelsea will strive again. The reason i rant on Barca fans is because i want them to have a taste of their own medicine how it feels to criticise other clubs

  4. hmmm…my friend we won in Stanford Brigde,but is not over yet,in the second leg(Camp Nou) it will be more harder

  5. FUCK YOU BARCA FANS ! Chelsea just emerge as victor against Barcelona (19.4.12). HAH IN YOUR FACE !!!!!!!!

  6. I needed a “platform” to talk about Liverpool……….. SO THAT it doesnot changes the fact that that it is the most fuckiest video that I have ever seen!!!!

  7. F.A. Cup is now already shining in the hands of The Red Monsters “Liverpool” as they just have to kick the asses of Chelsea’s players along with the ball into chelsea’s net…!!! 😀

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