The Legend Ronaldo vs Man Utd – Season 02/03

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  1. ” they will be mere spectators when these players return for the final in a month.” fail. juve v milan was the final.

  2. When you think Galactico’s you think Ronaldo, Figo, Zidane, Raul. In my opinion Makelele was also a true Galactico. They made a very bad move and sold the player that held them all together.

  3. i dont think he will fail,but one has to be a realist,what he did in barcelona its very hard to do again,especially with another team.First of all this barca generation was at its peak in his reign,and hes a catalan,he knows the unique blaugrana way of playing football,the passing and spectacle in mind.His team wasnt unbeatable,had weak points,but its definetely the club side ever.Some may argue with this but its my opinion.
    He wil deffo not win trophies anywhere like he did in barca,surely

  4. Man utd was a beast that season but madrid made them look like mere amateurs.I mean the real madrid of 2002-2003 was the most spectacular madrid team in recent years,they didnt win so many trophies ,but surely they were spectacular.Van Nistelrooy in proly his best year at utd looked like a schoolboy in this games.Famous hattrick yes ,but Barthez is definetely one of the most overrated goalkeepers in history.And madrid beating man utd,as ever.

  5. Pedro still scored in every major final though. Thats an incredible achievement. Busquets and pique may not be the best players in the world atm but potentially they are. Thats what i meant. Plus they did very well under guardiola but under other managers they probably would not of performed as well which shows how much pep can get out of his players. Pique and busquets are no were near their peak. They are always going to improve so they will no doubt do better next season but peps gone.

  6. You said it, “under Guardiola” when he played for Man U he barely played, but Pep managed to improve him, but never liked his way of play and no way I can take him as one of the best CB, Puyol is indeed one of them, Busquets one of the best DMC? you gotta be kidding me bro.. he is a very good player, but one of the best? Pedro had 2 good seasons, the last one was the worst, he is too young, also these 2 last aswell, lets see what happens in next years.

  7. long live the phenomenon, i only wish you kids out there had the chance to see him in his prime in the 90’s.
    you would forget cristiano and messi in an instant.

  8. Us pompey fans applauded thiery henry when he came to featton park… And tore us all new arseholes. But wot can u do? At the end u just stand up and think fucking hell

  9. Pique qas one of the best CB in the world under Pep guardiola. Busquets was one of the best DMC’s under guardiola. Pedro scored in every major final for barcelona under guardiola. That says enough. All these players were from barcas youth team.

  10. I believe Pique and Busquets doesnt really play a big part lol, especially Pique, Pique has Puyol and thats enough for Pique to help him out and Busquets has Xavi and Iniesta which is more than enough for him too and Pedro was already good is just that he had a bad form in the last year.

  11. Anyways, we have a good chance to see it this year if Guardiola finally coaches another team. I personally think he will fail.

  12. I don’t think del Bosque could do good in england, mainly because of his personality. It’s not a harder league… just a different country and football culture. I don’t think he would do good in any country other than spain (maybe portugal i guess).

    Mourinho’s Chelsea had the best defence i have seen since the Italian teams of the 90s.

    Mourinho and Guardiola have also had most of their players at the peaks of their careers (just look at last year’s barça and r. madrid).

  13. As for guardiola he implemented a style into barcelona that will probably go down as the best anyone has seen in the history of football. Fair enough he had messi xavi iniesta but there are other players like pique, busquets, pedro who were all unproven yet he turned them into world beaters and they play a big part in barcelonas triumphs plus both guardiola and mourinho are much younger.

  14. I would like to see how del bosque would do in England tbh because that is no easy task and mourinho won two championships there. Ok he was giving money but he still did not have a full team of galaticos to work with, there were some average players in a lot of his teams that he turned into world beaters because of his man management skills whereas del bosque has had teams full of talent in every position plus most of the players he has worked with have been at the peak of their powers.

  15. Mourinho was given some of the best teams in Europe in their time (yeah, even Porto, just check its players). Guardiola has been given one of the best teams in the history of football.

    Del Bosque has more or less the same team as Guardiola… with the major difference being not having Lionel Messi… arguably one of the best players in history (in my own opinion, the BEST player in history).

    The only reason Guardiola and Mourinho get more credit is because they are more mediatic than him.

  16. Reason being Del bosque has been handed fabulous squads to work with. Thats the reason he does not get as much credit.

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