Shinji Kagawa Highlights – Manchester United vs Ajax Cape Town | HD

25 thoughts on “Shinji Kagawa Highlights – Manchester United vs Ajax Cape Town | HD

  1. look faggot, it was just a simple question, i am more interested in how kagawa is playing then that wrinkled monkey’s reaction, it is very distracting, didnt have to call me off you dick eater.

  2. it’s a talk show in japan, he’s like the host or guest on the show, it’s broadcast in japan, this is how the tv show works, can’t you understand something so simple?

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  4. saying that just makes u a moron, racist and stupid… what about those “blind people” who plays football at the paralympic games? stupid fuck!

  5. Considering you’re the only ones to have played 3 times this seasons, you’ve had 3 penalties already and that 4th goal in the Reading game only happened because they were trying to equalise you’re a bit cocky.

    You were unbeaten in the first 5 games of last season you dirty Blues are starting to think you’ve won it already I’ll tell you what we’ll see happens okay because 3 games doesn’t make a season and a season doesn’t make a career.

  6. He’s form Japan and fuck-da-dee-dlee-doo-YOU. Kagawa isn’t guilty for not having to carry a team on his own 😉

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