Shinji Kagawa GOAL – Manchester United vs Shanghai Shenhua 1-0 – 25/07/2012

25 thoughts on “Shinji Kagawa GOAL – Manchester United vs Shanghai Shenhua 1-0 – 25/07/2012

  1. I saw Torres’s goal v Newcastle with the outside of his foot and immediately recognised that wonderful striker of 2-3 years ago who had been missing for while. He may well be back, I agree on that. Though, as a United fan I’d prefer he wasn’t.

  2. did you see torres’ goal vs newcastle? tell me that wasn’t the el nino we used to know…torres at one stage of his career was the best striker in the world 

  3. Lol chelsea… They had a good start but as soon as the champions league games come along you will see they have no depth at all. Plus they are relying on Torres to stay fit and active, not much chance of that.

  4. At least Liverpool have won plenty and deserve a bit of attitude, City win the league they act like they are Barca. Won the league on goal difference hardly means they are as lot better, it was slightly better. The difference between United’s hostory and liverpools is Utd’s history is all very recent and not about to vanish, liverpools history was 70’s and 80’s.

  5. Chelsea!!!!??? Hhahahahahahahha. you fickle little bastard. do me a favor. stay away from betting shops.

  6. what, just because we had a bad season with injured players??? the fact that we had many players missing and only lost the title by goal difference shows how high we are. jog on

  7. did i ever say we did? of course you fucktard EPL is the best league in the world but all i;m saying is united aren’t top anymore…

  8. Oh and how many MAJOR trophies have you won throughout fc basel’s existence???
    Exactly! Say no more.
    Even mid-table EPL teams has more prestige than the Swiss league trophy lol…..

  9. And yea we talk about history….oh whats the matter? don’t have any great history of your own?? LOLOLOL loser.

  10. And lol @ you replying to other people on a “MANCHESTER UNITED” video. you suck at trolling. coming on these video’s cause you know your team ain’t doing shit. you probably just wanted somebody to talk to lolol.

  11. “china man”???? if you’re referring to kagawa, then he’s Japanese, idiot. just goes to show how thick you swizz people are. Which then goes to prove my point that you know fuck all about football. Get a clue or better yet…… talk to me win you’ve won a trophy.

  12. of course our league isn’t good as the EPL and i never said it was hence why a lot of people here watch EPL or bundesliga instead…how does this relate to the fact man united and china man will not win the premier league?

  13. LOLOL you’re useless. win a CL trophy you idiot. how does it feel to beat one of the best teams in the world but still be classed as a shit low tier team.
    I’ll let the united trophy cabinet finish you off. loser….win a trophy first then talk to me.

  14. How about all of the goals and assists he contributed to the team to win titles and championships? The respect he has from players and coaches? You cannot deny fact and history. He may not have the greatest touch or finish but he is a team player that works hard, passes well, and supports his teammates. I don’t even think you even KNOW (really understand) football because you are obviously only watching the superficial aspect of football.

  15. OH you’re from basel are you? hahahaah still wanking over the win against united are you? well here’s some advice…win a CL title first before talking to me.

  16. That was the dumbest joke ever:

    1) it won’t last forever….

    2) you could of said that about any club that didn’t win their opening game.

    But I understand you haters just love watching man united clips on youtube instead of your own useless clubs. fair enough.

  17. Wait wtf Chelsea spent 50mil in Torres and city spent 36mil on robhino for a yr and yh we lost to everyone but call us when u can retain a title

  18. without money? ahahaha spends 24 million on a 29 year old and complains about city and chelsea spending..seems legit

  19. YEA exactly congrats to everton, they beat man united, valencia and arsenal all in one game

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