Seattle Sounders Vs Manchester United 0-7 – All Goals & Match Highlights – July 20 2011 – [HQ]

25 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders Vs Manchester United 0-7 – All Goals & Match Highlights – July 20 2011 – [HQ]

  1. Obertain replacement for ronaldo???? Hahahahahahahahahaha, Seattle fans look stunned when the 7th goal goes in and that keeper got owned like a boss mwahahahahahaha

  2. You know your team’s bad when they make Obertan look like he’s bloody Cristiano Ronaldo.

  3. Great to see American fans of football. Ridiculous to see unhappy faces in the crowd as if (a) the friendly matters and (b) Seattle were ever going to so much as draw with Man Utd.

  4. Stupid americans think they can compete with a team who is no doubt one of the best? lolnousuck.

  5. It’s Hilarious That Seattle Fans Are Hating On a Superior Team Such As Manchester United, United Had Reserve Players Too Seattle Had Some Of Their Starter Too & Today They Are Going To Get Destroyed By Chelsea!!!! Manchester Will Always Be A Dominate Team For Example They Beat The MLS All Star 4 Nil That Really Means Something

  6. Man Utd had their 3rd in line keeper on goal… The strikers are Ronny and a 19 year old reserve striker. Our defense was a little weak too with Rafel with…

  7. i know mate, ahhahahaha they started with fucking macheda, MACHEDA HAHAHA any team in the prem could sweep any mickey mouse shit league (m.l.s) team

  8. We can play the sport you call football whenever we want and you don’t have control of it. Now get your head out of your ass and realize that.

  9. this proves my theory:
    UK- Stick to football, and don’t play baseball and basketball
    US- Stick to basketball and STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM FOOTBALL

  10. You do realise that Man Utd did not put up their best team for this game? Alot of players are reserves and/or bench players. MLS might however be lacking in quality but i still respect Americans who likes (European) Football 🙂

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