RVP’s Man United debut: texts he received on the bench

25 thoughts on “RVP’s Man United debut: texts he received on the bench

  1. Stick to the magazine or what ever you do .. cos your videos are shit, and your even shittier then Aladdin’s shit. you shit face anal crumpet fucker.

  2. Why are people so serious ??!!! Most of these Talksport videos are jokes .
    Grow a sense of humour you dummies

  3. talkSPORTmagazine, don’t reply peoples like this guy, if he can not take a joke and appreciate the effort you put into making this video, then the person is the one that needs adjusting, not you. Ignore ’em.

  4. Yeah this is definitely a bad compilation the united fans are too sensitive, Now Giroud on the other hand that would be classic loool

  5. It’s a joke made after his debut. Got to laugh at people taking a joke as some kind of serious analysis. Read the disclaimer.

  6. Roll back 1 year and look at the man utd faithfull’s comments about RVP. Says everything about the fans.

  7. oi talksport and arsenal for that matter…he just scored a hatrick….ARE YOU GUTTED R YA R YA R YA ????? hahahaha unlukcy this has gone n backfired aint it…oi make one about Giroud go on, have united and fergie n rvp ridiculing him… biased tits!

  8. You arsenal fans are reall boring, i can take banter, i just stated the obvious, your the bitter one here commenting just because RVP left your club for a better, more ambitious club and before u comment back talking about how your team has won trophies and you beat united on occasion, I know that but your not the team you were and United are still a title contending team and one of the best in the world.

  9. man utd fans can’t take banter , typical gloryhunters , get way too pissed off when they don’t win

  10. ahahhaah HATERS WILL HATE !!!! he scores when he wants !! scored against full ham on his first strike !!!! WHAT A SCREAMER !!

  11. Good to see Rooney getting a taste of his own medicine yesterday against Fulham.It was his own fault anyway,he showed his studs to the Fulham player with intent to injure him but it backfired when the Fulham player was too clever for him,hats off dude!9>3.Amen.

  12. now make a video showing RVP’s goal and how he is prooving all you daft cunts wrong saying he is shit etc he scored a class goal against fulham but ye obviously that wont be mentioned #anti-united-mongs

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