Robin Van Persie to Man United!

25 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie to Man United!

  1. This is the way how English fans honour their club icons after eight years of service. I’m sure RVP would have stayed at Arsenal if he wouldnt have the feeling that the club he loves is falling apart around him over the past years. With a age of 29 he would like to end his career with a big trophy and the truth is that with Arsenal the chances are about zero. But ok 8 seasons 268 matches,120 goals, 60 assists are not appreciated in London.

    Gooners are scum

  2. Fabregas : I’m sorry guys,i gotta go to Barca. (win Champion League and La Liga)
    Nasri : I’m sorry guys,i gotta go to M.City. (win Premiere League)
    RVP : Damn is my turn… ( ??? )

  3. To the arsenal fans: I have nothing against arselanl, RVP is just to good for your club, it’s not him, its you.

    Players swich teams all the time, he stayed loyal and gave you success for 8 years. So fuck off calling him ‘judas’ or things like that, 99.9% of players dont stay with 1 club.


  4. Your question is stupid. Why would he come back? He’s lost our respect. No one wants him back after the decision he made

  5. nah 24 mill is actually less than i thought it would be. Van persie should be worth at least 30 mill. Manu didn’t get robbed btw.

  6. Well for a united fan it might be, but for an arsenal fan, he was our best player. but the relied on him too much. Well at least we robbed £24m off you. He wont last long. He is 29 don’t forget.

  7. do one you hun retard , people are calling him a prick , not all of a sudden saying he’s shit at football

  8. I’m not an Arsenal fan but I do know quite a few and I think the general consensus is that they’re quite bitter about him leaving. They think he’s just being a money whore like Samir Nasri. Most of the Arsenal fans I’ve spoken to hate his guts now.

  9. what if the content was pretty crappy? ManU didn’t lose the last day, they won the game but lost the season because City had a better goaldifference (?)

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