Robert Lewandowski- Deadly Polish Striker HD

25 thoughts on “Robert Lewandowski- Deadly Polish Striker HD

  1. really hope he will come to Arsenal!!!! as he said he was “arsenal mad when he was young”….tbf dortmund means a lot to him so he probably migh tstay there 1 or 2 more years…but after i think he will go!! and i hope he doesnt go to City Chelsea or anything like that…world is his at arsenal and that would allow us to challenge for the title!

  2. He wouldn’t come to liverpool unless he was given the 9 wait till they sell Carroll first then maybe till then fat chance.

  3. Ye, maybe , but would it be wort it for his careers sake …. i mean like everyone hear commenting should know how talented he is so like with Robin Van Persie in the bag for United … whould he start ? 10% chance of starting over Rooney ,RVP, Hernandez ,Welbeck and Berbatov ( and henriquez if they sign him )

  4. it doesn’t depend on Chelsea or Man Utd but on Borussia, if Borussia says no, then Man U and Chelsea can do nothing about it and thats what is happening right now, Borussia doesn’t want to let their best player in years to go away even for big money for which they can buy few other strikers. 🙂

  5. people shoulld stop making these videos before the roumers are confirmed! you just look like a idiot when he eithser goes to annother club or stay at the one he is at

  6. If chelsea or man utd actually wanted him they would have him. Clearly they see he is a very average player no offence to any bitter dortmund fans

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