Premier League Predictor Featuring Man Utd v Man City EP8

24 thoughts on “Premier League Predictor Featuring Man Utd v Man City EP8

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  5. @Crazygamer241 I don’t care any more mate 2 b honest just goto look toward the future and not dwell in the past

  6. @Footie365427 yer I am sorry if I was out of order but I was rely pissed off that day and wen I saw yer comment I thought that I had to give my opinion again sorry if I wer out of order

  7. Mr.Balotelli WOW, he’s been involved with the Italian Mafia, got thousands of fines for his Maserati and when the police why he said ‘because I can’. A firework went off in his bathroom and a fire started A DAY BEFORE the Manchester Derby and so much more…. He is just like marmite. You either love him or hate him.

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