Premier League Predictor Featuring Liverpool v Manchester City EP12

24 thoughts on “Premier League Predictor Featuring Liverpool v Manchester City EP12

  1. I’m a chelsea fan but I don’t support them for the glory I just like the style of football they play

  2. Joe hart better have an inform this week for fifa 12 ultimate team. if not him than make it Krul.

  3. Weird you scored a header with kompany just like in the game well it came off his shoulder same thing though

  4. everyone is saying Liverpool deserved a win and would of got 1 if not for Joe hart but if they can’t score against them no other than the deflection then they don’t deserve to win you can create as many chances as you want but if the keeper can pull out amazing saves all game then they deserve to draw at least in my opinion

  5. i honestly thought you were gonna be the first team to beat us but i guess its a sign that maybe we are gonna have the luck of champions :). unlucky mate you deserved to win joe hart deserved man of the match though :)

  6. Long live …… Liverpool…..but Joe Hart is a good master player hurray for him…. 🙂

  7. I support Liverpool but you gotta give it to Joe Hart, what a masterclass performance he showed today.

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