Premier League Predictor Featuring Chelsea v Liverpool EP11

22 thoughts on “Premier League Predictor Featuring Chelsea v Liverpool EP11

  1. thats the other way round swansea 2-25 man united and Tottenham 0-1000 aston villa HESKEY got all the goals

  2. I will try to place the link like this, page astrologyweekly com and under Sports Astrology look at the most visited forum (more than 41000 visits). Bane franco opened it.

  3. To UniqueR…follow this link and combine your prediction with one rule you can find at my site and I think you will be 100% precise. There are some possibilites and if you do not use Astrology just use this. All home teams in lighter or Darker jerseys must win or draw. There is no possibility that at one match wins team in lighter jersesy and at the other match that starts at the same time at the same date and nearly at the same place, team in darker jerseys.

  4. scores for games that have finished
    Everton 2-1 Wolves FT
    Man City 3-1 Newcastle FT
    Norwich 1-2 Arsenal FT
    Stoke 2-3 QPR FT
    Sunderland 0-0 Fulham FT
    West Brom 2-1 Bolton FT
    Wigan 3-3 Blackburn FT
    I dont think i should of said the Wigan vs Blackburn game was going to be dull as it turned out to be a great game.

    Also i have got 2 prediction right so far out of the games played so far this weekend

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