Pep Guardiola – Manchester United ‘Don’t Have Enough Money’ To Buy My Players

25 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola – Manchester United ‘Don’t Have Enough Money’ To Buy My Players

  1. ‘Don’t have enough money’ lol he’s a joker. Would like to see him manage a
    club where a team isn’t gifted to him tbf

  2. Pep is a coward – Zlatan
    If you enjoy football your hair wouldn’t fall out – Mourinho

    This guy plays the most boring football in the world just to win. Also he
    has teams already made. Bundesliga is the worst league in the world should
    be called Bayern league. Not a world class manager. Very much overrated. 

  3. This fool buys all of bvbs players yet still cant beat them. United have
    more money than munich. Wtf is he on

  4. United is a level behind Bayern.
    We have no debt and over 300 million on the side.
    We own our stadium and will built the best youth training ground near it
    starting 2015.
    You can talk about United as the “biggest club in the world” but it never
    was that.
    Real and Barca were always ahead in the 2000s and 2010s.
    And yes, you have tons of chash, but not more then my Bayern.
    And reach the CL first before you talk about buying players from a top 2
    team in the world. ;)

  5. Shut up United!
    Barca 3-1 Man Utd
    Barca 2-0 Man Utd
    Bayern 2-1Man Utd
    Bayern 3-1 Man Utd

  6. LOL! Didnt muller say man utd offered him astronomical wages, i think
    manutd have the money lol

  7. robben should go to another club , but i dont know which one , bayern is
    the only one that he would fit in

  8. Why would any star player want to go to United at the moment? Thats coming
    from someone who’s favorite BPL team is United.

  9. United is the richest club in the World now. They lost the first position
    for a couple of years, but after the Adidas deal, they r the richest again

  10. Who said they wanted them. I think all their signings look solid and falcao
    is a good loan deal. If Guardiola was chocolate he would eat himself.

  11. I admire Pep but ever since he moved to Bayern; he’s always linked with
    players whom Barca are looking to buy. It’s like his ghost still lingers
    in Barca. 

  12. I dont know a Bayern player thats worth 60 million pound, maybe, pep, your
    overpricing your players because you know United could easily buy them and
    dont want to lose them.

  13. I think he was paying a compliment to his players. It’s obvious United have
    money. I think he was hinting that his players are “priceless”

  14. Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon
    Who the fuck cares? Di Maria is still better then all players on bayern
    compined. People talk too much about ahh this player won that this player
    won that with that team. Does winning a World Cup makes you a better
    player? no it dont. If Messi won the World Cup with Argentina everyone
    would praise Messi and look at him as a legend. It’s so dumb you dont even
    know it. 

  15. If he means we cant ‘afford’ their players because of financial fairplay
    then i understand, if not hes an idiot.

  16. Man Utd spent £150m this summer. Is this fool trying to say that each
    player at Bayern is worth more than £150m? Joker. Man Utd were better off
    not buying any of his players. Muller is below average, technically poor.
    Schweinsteiger is 30, no where near the player he was. Robben the same. 

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