Moses to Liverpool, Man Utd want Baines, Bosingwa to Inter?

19 thoughts on “Moses to Liverpool, Man Utd want Baines, Bosingwa to Inter?

  1. Please sell bosingwa for the love of God! He’s a fucking liability just like his eyebrows are a liability to his face

  2. 20-30 ure off ure head i agree he i the best lb in england but hes worth about 15 at the max and he most likely will as they would not turn that much money with there financial issues moyes has expressed that numerous amounts of times

  3. I agree with Dave Kidd, Bosingwa was shocking against Arsenal earlier this season

  4. Baines has been the best left fullback in the epl for 2-3 years now so anyone saying hes not good enough is fucked in the head, and everton would not sell for 5million try 20-30mil he wont leave everton anyway….

  5. hes staying at wigan victor i support wigan hes signed a 2 year contract at wigan and he said hes enjoying football at wigan u got it all wrong way!

  6. Moses has incredible talent and will be a top player when he improves his decision making.
    I cant see Inter taking Bosingwa they have old players on big wages already.
    I like Baines but not sure about him defensively but depends on the price.

    Prediction : I cant see any of them happening.

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