Modric to Man City, Man Utd chase Strootman, Agbonlahor to Sunderland?

16 thoughts on “Modric to Man City, Man Utd chase Strootman, Agbonlahor to Sunderland?

  1. manchester city not going to get modric, and modric must be such an idiot if he really choose man city because there is already david silva with same position and role with him, choose man. united and u’ll be one of best midfielder ever for MU

  2. If man city don’t strengthen their current squad then man united will win the league next season they were unlucky last season but these pointless and stupid spending laws are coming in and that could damage city let’s be serious I no longer class johnson, Milner or nasri as amazing players they are all average

  3. fuck off man city, trying to buy modric, when you don’t need him, he’ll be kept on the bench and wasted!!
    city have silva, toure, barry, johnson, de jong, nasri, milner!!!
    stop trying to buy all the good players and put them on the bench just so other teams can’t have them!!
    joke the amount of money they’re spending!!!

  4. How is 24 not young? we bought ashley young last year and hes 26…… if Sir Alex wants Gaitan then hes obviously not shit, hes propably had scouts tracking him for the whole season if hes interested. Obviously id prefer Hazard but i cant see that happening.

  5. giatan is bollocks i dnt get why people think hes good have u watched him play? a average winger and hes not even young hes 24 and theres a 20m+ price tag on his head

  6. hazard gaitan and de marcos to man utd cant see us getting all 3 but gaitain would be the most realistic buy in my opinion

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