Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson Credits Scholes For Win

10 thoughts on “Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson Credits Scholes For Win

  1. Man Utd. is in for serious problems. when Scholes retires. You cannot replace Paul Scholes.. A living legend . God of the midfeild. What an amazing player. I watched this entire game and when Scholes came on , he took complete control of the game. Its like he has a force field around him. He creates more space than any player I have ever seen, Thank you for playing the game right and giving all you got. Thank you PAUL SCHOLES!

  2. i think united should really buy sniejder when scholes leaves, probably at the end of this year, cleverly still needs to learn a lot. also get moutinho to be new midfield engine as well as a decent centre back

  3. Lucky goals? What’s lucky about heading a ball like he did and shooting the ball in the back of the net like he did? Just get off..

  4. terrible game..sir alex shouldnt be smiling, they will struggle to stay in the top4 this season..terrible squad..lucky goals for van persie

  5. Robin Van Persie is the best thing to happen to Man Utd since Fergie put Exlax in Darren Fletchers tea.

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