Manchester United’s Best Goals of the 70s Part 1

24 thoughts on “Manchester United’s Best Goals of the 70s Part 1

  1. George Best is a type of player that I believe we have only seen 3 other times in recent history. Pele, Maradonna and Messi. It’s a shame that he was Irish (respect intended) as he didn’t get to showcase his skills to the rest of the world. Fearless, strong, fast and with an embarrassing level of skill.

  2. This is one of the best videos i’ve ever seen on youtube. geroge best and bobby charlton are legends

  3. brilliant… loads of goals I’d never seen before and well remember getting 60,000 crowds at home in the old second division

  4. One of the greatest ever atmospheres at OT was the incredible 2nd Division match v Sunderland in 1974, it was seriously heaving that day and anyone who’s old enough to remember this game knows it has legendary status, 74/75 is one of my fave ever seasons.

  5. look at pitch @2.25…great great stuff and reminds me why i was football mad as a kid back in the 60s 70s…great great days..park drive book of football etc etc..never be matched ever…things better all round back then.

  6. Started going in 75-6. This video’s got so many goals i’d never seen before, ranging from rare Best strikes to George Graham netting at Newcastle! Weird to see Ted MacDougall scoring in a Utd shirt too. You’re a Starman, Ziggy!

  7. I started going in the second division as well. First game, Oxford United at home. Great memories indeed.

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