Manchester United Vs Fulham 3-2 – Robin Van Persie Interview After His Goal [Aug.25 2012]

25 thoughts on “Manchester United Vs Fulham 3-2 – Robin Van Persie Interview After His Goal [Aug.25 2012]

  1. Robin is such an outstanding player with a modest attitude. All the best Robin and thank you for joining United!!!!♥♥♥♥

  2. But fergie aint born a united fan so fuck off,. Anyway its good for a manager to be a glory hunter. Thats why united are very succesful.

  3. You said that ALL Man U fans are glory supporters… So that obviously means Fergie is too according to your logic. You’re an idiot.

  4. Does it really matter? He’s already a Man united player now. Teams lose their top player every year. I’m a Man United fan, but I respect Arsene Wenger. He keeps losing his top player every year, but he still manages to keep Arsenal in the top 4.

  5. So what you’re saying is that Sir Alex Ferguson is a glory supporter? LOL you’re so funny.

  6. Wow one bad year. lost the title on goal diffrence. That dont make you a true fan. I doubt United fans would ever hack the heartache of being an Arsenal fan or A Lfc fan. Most united fans say “I would 8-2 be a Arsenal fan”. Wrong. Arsenal fans lost 8-2 in old trafford and continued singing after the final whistle. Arsenal till I Die. Ohhhh To be A Gooner.

  7. Wow you’re so dumb. You do know that’s a stereotype. Not all of us are glory hunters. Man United did shit last year but we still support them instead of switching to the blue side of Manchester. RVP is doing GREAT! He got a hatrick and he has already fitted in. MAN U TILL I DIE.

  8. Tbh i dont care what united fans say. There all glory hunters. Arsenal till I die. Rvp good luck to you.

  9. bullshit, van perise kept them in the top4 for 8 years?? only the last season, he was injured too much before that, and even when he wasnt injured, he didnt have that much impact on the arsenal game in his first 3 or 4 years

  10. Kept us in top 4 for 8 years? Are you retarded?

    He went to our rivals. If he went to Juvents Arsenal fans wouldn’t have done what they did. What do you think Man Utd fans would have done if Ronaldo left Madrid, turned down a contract offer from United and went to City? It’s almost the same concept. I guarantee you United fans would go haywire.

  11. Stop crying. He’s scored twice as many goals as the whole of Arsenal so far this season which says something you massive knob-jockey :L

  12. why fight over arsenal and rvp. its all about manutd and robin van persie made the best decision of his life to go there.i guarantee he will not regret it.u lot are mad
    if u support arsenal just do1 cuz u aint got a life since rvp moved

  13. you don’t know shit.. 8 YEARS? HES HAD ONE GOOD SEASON, FUCKING 1!!!!!! he’s injury been injury prone for 6 1/2 years

  14. What are you on about??? 8 years??? Ahaha – We supported Van Persie paying him even during his injuries and he said he couldn’t imagine himself not playing in an Arsenal shirt. Arsenal were loyal to Van Persie and made him the world class player he is today But keeping us in the top 4 for 8 years that’s complete rubbish :L

  15. Wow you’re such a disrespectful ignorant piece of shit. If you don’t care then why did you reply? Hypocrite. I already said I agree with you (coming from a United fan). I also said EXCEPT for you which means NOT you dumbass.

  16. Blah blah blah yhyhyh. I dont care. There are loads of butthurt arsenal fans but im not one of them. I only made a comment of the first place becuase someone said rvp kept us in the top 4 for 8 season.

  17. I agree with your statement that RVP didn’t keep arsenal in the top 4 for 8 seasons, but are you sure you read my comment? NO!. I clearly said not you but the rest of the Arsenal fans. So don’t go ballistic at me when you can’t even read what I said.

  18. RVP is the best of forward in the world and manchunian will loving until dead

    #we are united forever until dead

  19. Firstly go back and read my comment probaly It clearly says “I respect rvp’s decision and I respect United”. Were in the comment did i call him a traitor? Did i say he had one good season ? NO!. Rvp is an amazing player who clearly deserves trophies but all im saying is people that are saying his kept us in the top 4 for 8 seasons is BULLSHIT!!!!!

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